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Commonwealth Arms had humble beginnings during the spring of 1998 when Robert Floyd and Mike Simmons, whom had been lifelong friends, decided to enter the firearms business with a by order business in Robert's home.  After many months of squaring things away with the city of Covington and securing a Federal Firearms License Commonwealth Arms began operations on September 26, 1998.  Over the years Commonwealth Arms has grown to become the busiest firearms retailer in the Alleghany Highlands.  With a normal inventory of nearly 400 guns and a commitment to the best prices in the area Commonwealth Arms has something for everyone in the shooting community.  Through the years, Commonwealth Arms has always tried to look at the business from a customers point of view, giving straight forward, sometimes blunt, commentary on the state of affairs in the industry.  Honesty and commitment to our customers has always been our focus.  In addition to on site sales Commonwealth Arms remains active on the gun show circuit in Virginia attending events in Salem, Harrisonburg, Fishersville, and (hopefully) Roanoke.  Commonwealth Arms prides itself in only stocking quality products and offering the best pricing possible.  We thank everyone for your continued support.

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